Marlise Riffel and Maria Jensen:  

“Taking the Lead in E-Mining”

Marlise Riffel has a master’s degree in Sociology and taught sociology in the Minnesota State College system for several decades.  She retired in 2015 and currently manages the Virginia Farmers Market, works with Youth Empowerment Support & Safety, the Iron Range Original Music Association, and writes grants for a variety of community causes.  She is president of the Iron Range Partnership for Sustainability and has spent the past two years researching e-waste recycling.

Maria Jensen began her career in Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) in the electronic waste recycling industry.  Currently, she is Co-Director of Recycling Electronics for Climate Action where she engages in research, education, and advocacy work around e-waste management in Minnesota. Maria has a master’s degree in Global Health with research related to mercury contamination from electronic waste. 

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